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Nowadays in Russia, organized criminals commit fraud on the internet, by disguising themselves as young beautiful women. Their target is of course foreign men with whom they seek to virtually communicate. The foreign man might start to feel affection for such a "lady" and perhaps he wants to meet her in real life. After the man suggests a real meeting, the "lady" might start to write about her financial hardships - i.e. lack of money for visas, flight tickets and other expenses. This, in turn, forces the man to aid the lady financially.

In some cases, the man pays the financial costs with the anticipation of meeting the woman, but is hugely disappointed when he finds the woman's profile deleted after the money has been sent.

In order to avoid above mentioned fraud scenarios; to save you the trouble and money and give you peace of mind, our company will provide you with a specialized detective service that will cross-check and verify numerous data, in order to be able to find if the profile does indeed belong to a real woman.

We use the following verifications:

•   To verify the person's address of residence.

•   To verify if the person owns a car.

•   To verify if the person is involved in any legal actions, proceeded by Federal Bailiff Service in connection with unpaid debts.

•   To make an inspection of the person's residence in order to verify the lifestyle, everyday behavior patterns, bad habits.

•   If the profile indeed belongs to the woman, we will investigate and cross-check social media accounts to clarify if she is already in a legal relationship with a Russian citizen.

If you are interested in our service, contact us by sending a request at check.profiles.russia@gmail.com, vihr@udm.ru

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Our verified customer feedback:

Alan Polak

For about 4 months I'd been in touch online with Marina, 27 from Izhevsk. She seemed so nice, kind and modest - very attractive too. We had good rapport. It was always a pleasure to chat with her. We had plans together. Still, she skipped out on video calls on Skype, explaining that her boyfriend was very jealous and was constantly checking all her gadgets. I then invited her to visit me in Bratislava; she said she didn't have money for the flight and the Schengen visa, so she asked for 2400 euros. I felt quite doubtful about this, so I decided to contact "Vikhr". I sent them Marina's photos, the scan of her passport and her address. It took just a week for the detectives to compile a profound report including photos, video files and the check of the passport scan. The conclusion was that Marina didn't exist at all - I was really disappointed. The passport was a forgery - probably "produced" in Photoshop and no Marina was living at the address she gave me. Despite the disappointment, I thank "Vikhr" with all my heart for saving me the money and trouble.

John Camden

To the guys from "Vikhr": Thank you! Thanks for the great job you've done! You're real professionals! It didn't take you long to blow "Olga's" cover! I'm still beating myself up for having sent $100 via Western Union to Penza, Russia, so many times. These frauds were (unfortunately) quite skilled! Thanks a lot again! And good luck to you!


I'd like to tell you my sad story. I'd been chatting with Kristina, 32, Samara, Russia on a dating website. She said she was divorced with a 5-year-old daughter and her parents lived in a village. She sent me photos of her and her daughter many times. One day I realized I needed more than just chats with Kristina. I wanted to see her face-to-face. So we agreed to meet in May in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Kristina was really happy but wrote that she couldn't afford the flight to Miami. We figured out the expenses together and decided that she needed 1,700 dollars for Samara-Moscow-Miami flight, the US visa etc.. She asked 500 dollars more for baby-sitting. She sent me her Russian bank details. At the last moment though, I started to have some doubts and contacted "Vikhr", an International detective agency. I emailed them Kristina's passport photo, the current account details in the Russian bank, some other information. In a while I got 50% proforma invoice from the agency. I transferred the money and within 24 hours I received a thorough report by email. In short, it said KRISTINA DIDN'T EXIST, THE PASSPORT WAS A FAKE, THE BANK ACCOUNT BELONGED TO A CERTAIN NIKOLAY SMIRNOV. Many thanks to "Vikhr" for their great job! I paid them the other 50% right after.

I am not sure
my girlfriend is a real person