426000, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia

E-mail: vihr@yamail.udm.ru 

Our Security and Detective Company "Vikhr" Izhevsk, has been providing its services since 1998. 

It was established by former officers of the Udmurt Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Organized Crime and Terrorism Prevention Directorate.

At the moment “Vikhr” consists of two subdivisions:

•   LLC Private Security Company "Vikhr-Izh" - a private security company providing personal security and physical security for private and public property in Izhevsk.

•   Detective Agency - one of few detective agencies in Izhevsk that provides privately licensed services in this particular field. 

Except for the main types of private security services, we also provide secret shopper service in Izhevsk, which allows the employer to examine the service level of his workforce, as well as polygraph service – which is the correct term for a lie detector.

Another strategic partner of “Vikhr” is the law firm "Business–Analytics". It provides legal services and groundwork.

Our company’s activities are insured under the civil liability insurance agreement.

In 2011, The Business Development Fund nominated "Vikhr" for the laureate of the XVIIIth Annual International Award: "National Economy Elite of 2011". Our company was also nominated for the laureate of the International Business Award "The Best Company of 2011" and awarded with the title of honour: "Company with the Highest Standard of Accounting".

What makes us special?

  1. We have been providing security services in the Udmurt Republic since 1998.
  2. We have a unique recruitment system.
  3. Our employees have been consistently awarded with certificates of honour by the Udmurt Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and by the Russian Federation.
  4. We constantly provide our employees with on-the-job training: fitness training, psychologist counselling, legal training, shooting and special equipment training.
  5. Our company issues the popular corporate newsletter named "Hard Nut".
  6. Our company takes part in social events and supports cultural engagement projects in Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic.
  7. "Vikhr" is a team of like-minded professionals. There are no laymen among us.

At present, "Vikhr" co-founded the “BRAVERY” Veteran Association within the Udmurt Repubic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Organized Crime and Terrorism Prevention Directorate. Our company is also a regional representative in the Multiregional Operative Services Veteran Social Organization "HONOUR" (Moscow) in Izhevsk, as well as a sole representative of the Security Association "Alligator" (Moscow) in the Udmurt Republic. Its employees are members of the Public Council’s Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Izhevsk.

We are proud of our reputation and always ready to help our customers regarding their security and safety as well as of their business and property.

P.S. Nowadays "Vikhr" is in Top 10 among 150 security companies in the Udmurt Republic.

Why are we called "Vikhr"?

Vikhr (in English whirlwind) is an air element of nature. Air is something which always surrounds you, it is where you exist. Air is invisible unless it turns into a force - a whirlwind. It encounters no obstacles and no power can stop it. By taming this force of nature it is possible to make it a reliable form of protection which will guard you and your interests. 

The name fully reflects the essence of our work. On the one hand, we are like air, something that is always with you, something that you are used to, something you cannot do without. But should you face any danger, "Vikhr" will use all its power to protect you.

Our credo is "Only those have honour who managed to gain it…"

Security Detective Association «Vikhr», Izhevsk
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